Designing Plans for Mathematical Discourse with Kiddom

Focus Area: Kiddom


Phase: Planning

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In this workshop, teachers who have begun working with Open Up Resources Math 6-8 with Kiddom will have the opportunity to explore how the curriculum materials are designed for students to learn math by sharing their thinking with each other. Student discourse is a key component of each lesson and activity, and getting the most out of these opportunities for discourse requires careful planning. Individual participants are likely to be at different stages in their development of skills and understandings related to facilitating student discourse, and this learning experience is designed to meet each of them where they are and help them move forward.


This workshop is designed for K-12 teachers and support staff.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access


I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures in Kiddom to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.

Learning Experience

  • Define the role of discourse in problem-based math instruction by experiencing activities as students.
  • Explore routines that encourage and structure discourse for all students.
  • Build a plan for incorporating discourse in an upcoming task based on the goals of the activity.