Designing Meaningful Mathematical Discourse

Focus Area: Student-Centered Mathematics


Phase: Launch

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Meaningful mathematical discourse is essential to developing mathematical proficiency and creating engaging learning experiences. However, students may be unsure how to produce quality explanations, while teachers are tasked with creating the conditions that solicit student thinking. In this workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to explore routines and teacher moves that address mindset, access, and connections that foster meaningful mathematical discourse every day.


This workshop is designed for K-12 teachers and support staff.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access


I facilitate mathematical discourse that helps students learn with and from each other.

Learning Experience

  • Define: Elements of classroom discourse through a self-assessment rubric: Teacher moves, questioning, explaining mathematical thinking, mathematical representation, and building student responsibility with community.
  • Explore: Routines and teacher moves that address the elements of classroom discourse by addressing mindset, access, and making connections.
  • Build: Design plans for routines and to foster discourse in an upcoming lesson.