Deepening Your Principalship Journey

Focus Area: Principalship


Phase: Launch

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The landscape of educational leadership has significantly shifted over the last several years. Given the ever-growing complexity associated with navigating the many changes, the role of the school principal has remained the most important component of ensuring and supporting high-quality teaching and learning at the campus level. The new reality faced in school across our nation presents new challenges which in turn demands a renewed commitment and approach to supporting the principalship. In this 6-hour, in-person workshop participants will be able validate the current challenges being faced and explore various research-focused solutions to help mitigate them moving forward.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience


  • Define their current reality and barriers to practice
  • Self-assess current leadership practice using a Pulse Check
  • Define the components of Principalship
  • Identify the connection between leadership and student learning


  • Evaluate research-based best practices for high-leverage instructional leadership
  • Explore opportunities to apply effective strategies into practice using real-world scenarios
  • Engage in the consultancy protocol to source solutions


  • Explore BL leadership strategies
  • Apply and synthesize new learning to determine next steps
  • Develop a plan to deepen practice
  • Provide and exchange feedback on implementation plans