Deepening Student Thinking with the Math Language Routines

Focus Area: Student-Centered Mathematics


Phase: Targeted Support

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Incorporating specific language routines into math instruction helps teachers support both the math and language learning of all students, and especially those who are in the process of learning English. The eight Mathematical Language Routines are beneficial for any math student, and are effective in a wide range of grade levels and instructional formats. In this 2-hour session we will examine specific routines and work together to plan for how to use them in each of our contexts to help students develop agency in their own mathematical and linguistic sense-making.


This virtual workshop is designed for any teacher who works with math students. 


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and access to some of the math tasks that they use with students. 


I use the Math Language Routines to help students communicate about and understand math concepts.

Learning Experience


  • What are the Mathematical Language Routines?
  • What purpose are they intended to achieve?


  • What might the MLRs look like in various different contexts?
    • Different curricula
    • Different grade levels
    • In-person, remote, or hybrid settings


  • A plan for introducing (or reintroducing) a specific MLR to students and incorporating it into instruction on a regular basis