Creative Problem Solving with Adobe Express

Focus Area: Adobe

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Targeted Support

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One of the most important skills for today’s students is the ability to creatively solve problems. By using fresh perspectives to redefine problems and opportunities, students can come up with innovative solutions and take action to reach their goals. Using Adobe Express, students can synthesize research and knowledge of real-world problems and collaborate in building creative products that communicate their solutions. 


K12 teachers and instructional coaches who have active logins and subscriptions to Adobe Express. It is highly recommended that educators join this workshop from a computer.


I integrate Adobe Express to drive students’ creative problem solving.

Learning Experience


  • Build understanding around the core principles of creative problem solving
  • Identify the benefits of creative problem solving in developing 21st century skills


  • Explore examples of creative problem solving lessons using Adobe Express
  • Investigate resources within Adobe Express that support effective communication of solutions


  • Build a project plan for a creative problem solving project that incorporates Adobe Express
  • Share their plan with peers and engage in a feedback protocol