Creating Safe Spaces: Developing a Trauma-Informed Classroom

Focus Area: Trauma-Informed Practices


Phase: Targeted Support

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Students are in need of educators that can provide them with social and emotional support while also developing their academic needs. This session highlights a need to focus on SEL and trauma-informed practices that aren’t new but are essential now more than ever.  In this session, we build our knowledge and skills regarding SEL and trauma-informed practices in order to provide students with a safe and responsive learning environment, avoid triggers, while tending to our own emotional wellbeing.


This session is ideal for teachers but appropriate for educators across the spectrum (para professionals, co-teachers, and administrators) that have diverse experiences with SEL and trauma-informed practices. This session takes a more introductory approach to understanding SEL and trauma-informed practices, educators with more experience are invited to share those experiences and are encouraged to think critically and more deeply about their current practices.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


I cultivate emotional safety in my classroom.

Learning Experience


  • Participants define trauma and its implications on students’ wellbeing and learning. They take a look at an example and analyze it together before learning about the relationship between SEL and trauma-informed practices.


  • This section starts by recalling that developing trauma-informed solutions requires the collaboration of SEL and trauma-informed practices. Next, participants look at a classroom example together and evaluate what is seen. Then in groups participants get to dive deeply into one SEL competency and collaborate to solve a scenario and answer questions to develop solutions for it.


  • To close, participants are choosing an SEL competency to develop and beginning to plan for making it come to life in their reality.