Create Routines to Support Self-Paced Learning

Focus Area: Competency-Based Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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Successfully managing a self-paced classroom consists of building routines and systems alongside a culture of autonomy and student ownership. This type of learner ecosystem includes leveraging peers and self to assess learning and give feedback and providing the tools needed for success to create sustainable and replicable methods of learning. 


This workshop is designed for teachers and coaches who want to build understanding around how to successfully manage a self-paced classroom. This session would be a good fit for any educator, whether they are implementing a fully self-paced competency-based classroom or they are just getting started in providing some self-paced learning tasks for students. 

This workshop is recommended for grades 3-12.


I create systems and routines to support students as they self-pace through a learning progression.

Learning Experience


  • Define the key components of a successful self-paced classroom
  • Dive into the norms and expectations that must be in place for self-pacing to be successful


  • Explore strategies to build capacity for peer support and self-assessment 
  • Brainstorm ways to leverage technology to create sustainable routines and systems for self-pacing


  • Build a plan for a routine or system to support self-pacing in their classroom
  • Work with peers to refine their plan