Communication and Partnership with Families

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Targeted Support

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Instructional leaders play a vital role in initiating  the work of establishing, fostering, and maintaining meaningful family engagement. Leveraging families and caretakers as valuable stakeholders in change management systems and flexible learning can help to improve the overall quality of the school program. Employing key engagement strategies in a cyclical and consistent manner are essential to creating strong connections. In the session, participants will develop a framework of caretaker connections and explore how and why enhancing those connections are vital to student success.


This session is designed to support school and district leaders such as coaches, teacher leaders, principals, and district administrators who play key roles in leading engagement work. 


  •  2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I build connections with families and caretakers to work together to support student learning experiences.

Learning Experience


  • Distinguish parent involvement from family engagement
  • Discuss essential ‘caretaker connections’ that serve as  best practices for how leaders can support and leverage families in the success of their students
  • Review key guidelines for communication and teacher support to drive student outcomes
  • Examine 4 key considerations outlined in Highlander Pyramid essential in all learning contexts
  • Evaluate communication and partnership as key sources of connections


  • Discuss how space and grace strengthen engagement work
  • Review tips for enhancing engagement
  • Engage in evaluating real-world scenarios using vignettes to apply new learning.


  • Synthesize new learning to apply to current practice
  • Create a communication or communicate an idea based on key engagement strategies
  • Share and exchange peer feedback