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As instructional leaders and coaches, a commitment to supporting authentic, differentiated, and rigorous literacy instruction is essential for student growth and success.  This commitment needs to come with the knowledge that supporting teachers to grow their literacy practices and craft requires excellent coaching.  Everything from supporting cyclical conversations, analyzing data and trends, and trying high quality strategies can drive tremendous teacher ownership and growth. 

In our 1:1 coaching model, a literacy coach will support you with the operationalization, strategies, tools, and supports that enable you to drive literacy practice growth among your teachers.  By leveraging our literacy lesson plans and strategies, including over 100 cross-curricular Newsela teaching strategies, and bi-weekly virtual coaching sessions, we can support you with identifying your literacy instruction vision, and building a plan to carry it out.

The strategies in the Newsela Learning Domain were developed as part of the Newsela Master Teacher project. For the Newsela Master Teacher Project, several highly-qualified Master Teachers with considerable wisdom about best teaching methods across grade bands and subject areas, and knowledge about the most powerful use of the Newsela tools, captured and shared their highest-leverage cross-disciplinary literacy practices.


This coaching model and support was developed for teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and school leaders who support teachers directly with literacy.  The coaching they receive can build their own knowledge and expertise of best practices in student centered literacy and in the Newsela platform as a key tool in unlocking student growth. 


  • Bi-weekly, 30 minute virtual session with a BetterLesson Coach
  • 4 Session Coaching Packs, Half Year, and Full Year coaching is available
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone, and register for access with the BetterLesson Lab.  

Learning Experience

Our support is parallel, with coaching supporting teacher growth through targeted conversations about specific teachers and supports you may provide, but also for you and your own coaching skills and supports around literacy and Newsela. 

Teacher Growth Areas

  • My students cite evidence to support and defend a point of view orally and in writing
  • My students exhibit ownership over their close reading, comprehension, and analysis of complex literary and informational texts
  • My students engage and have choice in the writing process to write for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences
  • My students know and apply phonics, word analysis, and vocabulary skills to decode and encode words
  • My students can set and track reading progress and set appropriate reading goals

Coaching Growth Areas

  • I monitor instruction via frequent classroom observations and review of student learning data
  • I give teachers focused, actionable feedback on their practice based on evidence collected from observations and student learning data
  • I support teachers to develop and reflect on goals that support student growth and achievement
  • I coach teachers to try high-quality strategies to support them to make progress towards their goals
  • I facilitate professional development that supports teacher development and growth