Coaching for Instructional Coaching

Focus Area: Instructional Coaching

CInstructional Coaches, LLeaders

Pathway: Application


Great instructional coaches can develop teacher practice, improve student achievement, and help enact school-wide improvements. The Instructional Coaching focus area provides instructional coaches with the skills they need to create a continuous improvement system for teachers through goal-setting, formal and informal observation, feedback, reflection, and collaborative planning.

Our 1:1 coaching methodology centers on the principles of actionable research and job-embedded best practices to provide the most personalized and differentiated approach to meet the needs of our participants. This professional learning is designed to support each participant with what they need, not a one-size-fit all approach. Our Instructional Coaching Practices coaches use the “Try, Measure, Learn” approach to create an ongoing change in practice.


This coaching model and support was developed for instructional coaches and leaders.


  • Bi-weekly, 30 minute sessions delivered virtually through Zoom
  • Access to the BetterLesson Lab and top strategies and tools


Coaching supports participants where they are at, building awareness, understanding, and opportunities for application and ownership of key competencies like:

  • Defining the Coaching Role: I can define my role as an instructional leader and coach.
  • Coaching Cadence: I can develop a meaningful coaching cycle that is consistent and ongoing.
  • Coaching Communication: I can effectively communicate with teachers in order to develop a shared vision, provide timely feedback, and support them to achieve their goals.