Coaching for Blended Learning

Focus Area: Meaningful Tech Integration

CInstructional Coaches, LLeaders, TTeachers

Pathway: Application

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Effectively integrating technology in the classroom in a conscious, meaningful way can revolutionize the way that teachers teach and students learn. The Meaningful Tech Integration focus area guides educators towards intentionally thinking about technology in a way that redefines the classroom experience for students.

Our 1:1 coaching methodology centers on the principles of actionable research and job-embedded best practices to provide the most personalized and differentiated approach to meet the needs of our participants. This professional learning is designed to support each participant with what they need, not a one-size-fit all approach. Our Meaningful Tech Integration coaches use the “Try, Measure, Learn” approach to create an ongoing change in practice.


This coaching model and support was developed for teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders.


  • Bi-weekly, 30 minute sessions delivered virtually through Zoom
  • Access to the BetterLesson Lab and top strategies and tools


Coaching supports participants where they are at, building awareness, understanding, and opportunities for application and ownership of key competencies like these:

  • Active Engagement: I actively engage students in learning tasks through intentional and meaningful integration of technology.
  • Digital Collaboration: I design learning experiences that leverage technology to drive student collaboration.
  • Visible Thinking: I consistently use technology to support my students in making their thinking visible to construct and share knowledge.
  • Building an Efficient Classroom: I consistently implement technology to increase my efficiency as a classroom teacher.
  • Organizing Learning with Blended Models: I implement blended learning models within my classroom to organize synchronous and asynchronous instruction and drive personalized learning.
  • Developing Digital Citizens: I build digital citizenship skills with my students in order to promote positive and responsible engagement with technology.