Building Trust by Creating Student Feedback Loops

Focus Area: Meaningful Tech Integration


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How can teachers choose tools, set norms and establish consistent systems for communicating with students at a distance? How can they create a space—in the classroom and online—where students can support each other and give feedback? In this Virtual Workshop, participants will: 

  • Define the various types of communication & feedback needs between students and teachers
  • Explore tools, strategies and examples of effective communication & feedback systems, such as discussion boards and tools with commenting features
  • Build and get peer feedback on a plan for improving the health of their own communication systems


This workshop is designed for educators working in hybrid or remote learning environments.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone

Learning Experience


  • Why communication & feedback are so crucial in a flexible learning environment
  • The various types of communication & feedback needs between students and teachers
  • The need to develop systems to maintain consistent communication & feedback


  • Examples and scenarios illustrating effective communication & feedback systems
  • Tools and strategies they can apply in their own contexts to build or enhance communication & feedback systems


  • A strategic plan around a strategy that uses a tool they are already using with students, or a tool that would integrate easily into their current structures