Building Trauma-Informed Classroom Practices

Focus Area: Trauma-Informed Practices


Pathway: Understanding


BetterLesson Workshops guide educators to set clear goals, identify manageable implementation steps, and create a plan to reflect on results for a sustainable change in practice. Every workshop is facilitated by a BetterLesson coach—a master educator with expertise in adult learning.

As part of a strategic learning journey, Workshops provide a collaborative opportunity for educators to understand new skills and practices. Workshops can support new district initiatives, such as math implementation, or can offer collaborative learning for a set of educators, such as all middle school teachers advancing their skills. These intimate learning settings are the perfect way to provide structured learning opportunities across the arc of an adoption.

Learning Experience

All of our workshops follow the Define, Explore, Build model.

  • Define: Coaches work with participants to define key concepts and begin discussions.
  • Explore: Participants examine tools and strategies related to the focus area to build content knowledge.
  • Build: Educators create a plan to apply what they’ve learned with clear next steps.