Building SEL into the Fabric of Your School

Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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The goal of Instructional Leadership is to support teacher growth in ways that consistently lead to improved and refined practice evidenced by increasing levels of student achievement. Supporting teacher practice is a skill set that requires instructional leaders to address the technical nature of the work, in addition to the social and emotional learning (SEL) needs educators might have. SEL is the process through which we acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. As educators resume in-person instruction post-pandemic, providing safe and nurturing environments that support student-centered learning  will be key undertakings for leaders at every level. In order to best facilitate this charge, instructional leaders must understand and strategically integrate the five interrelated competencies of SEL holistically into the school program.


This session is designed for district,  school, and teacher leaders who interface with school-level educators to provide instructional support, training, and leadership.


  •  2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I develop social emotional initiatives that integrate the academic and social needs of my school community.

Learning Experience

During the workshop, participants will…


  • Define and develop an understanding of SEL and its critical attributes to apply in current context
  • Examine the benefits of SEL
  • Differentiate SEL from Trauma-informed practices
  • Identify the five SEL competencies
  • Establish a lens through which to engage in SEL work


  • Analyze, evaluate, and connect the five SEL competencies to current practice
  • Explore SEL Integration vs SEL Initiatives
  • Determine “Look Fors” to outline evidence of successful SEL integration


  • Apply and align knowledge of SEL competencies to existing structures
  • Create a survey to measure and collect data on the SEL supports needed at the campus level or write a mock email to staff outlining the commitment to SEL integration within the school program