Building Language Skills Through Problem Based Learning

Focus Area: English Learners


Phase: Targeted Support

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In this 2-hour virtual workshop we develop a shared understanding of what it means to ‘meet the needs of all learners.’ To start, participants develop an understanding of the American school system and the ways in which excluding marginalized groups from instructional narratives has impacted struggling and EL learners. The PBELL framework is then introduced and explored as a tool to help educators make an action plan for developing instruction to serve all the learners in their classroom. By the end of this session participants will have prepared a plan of implementing change in their instruction to better serve the needs of all learners.


This product is designed for all educators, but especially those with students whose native language is not English, students that are struggling, and students who are often “othered” and typically excluded from mainstream narratives in education.


  • 2 hour virtual workshop
  • Ideal for participants to be from the same school or district


I design problem-based learning tasks that support English Learners’ language and content development.

Learning Experience


In this section we will define who ALL learners are and what the PBELL framework is. This will help participants develop a firm understanding of why this is important to their classroom instruction and how it can help close the gap in achievement.


Here participants will work in breakout rooms to explore diverse scenarios, and use the PBELL framework to implement a strategy that they’ll use to practice, analyze, and evaluate with their peers.


The focus as we conclude is for participants to spend time creating a plan that details what strategy they’re using, when, how, and why it’ll be incorporated into their instruction. Most of the time shared here is to collaborate and receive feedback, in breakout rooms!