Building an Equity Mindset for an Inclusive School Culture

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Targeted Support

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One of the primary goals of Instructional Leadership is to create, foster, and maintain a school program that provides equitable learning opportunities for every student. When managing constant change and competing initiatives, this task can become challenging for leaders. Equity can be used as a lens to ensure all students have the technology access, social-emotional support, family partnerships, rigorous coursework, inclusive communities, fair assessment, and other vital components needed to thrive. The landscape of education is constantly evolving, therefore the ways educators meet diverse students’ needs must become flexible and expand.  In flexible learning environments, leaders benefit from opportunities to see equity as a lens to assess progress and opportunity across a broad spectrum of needs.  In order to best facilitate this charge, instructional leaders must understand and strategically use equity as a lens to give access and voice to staff and students.


This session is designed to support school and district leaders such as coaches, teacher leaders, principals, and district administrators with a shared space to define and reflect on equity as a lens for ensuring high-quality programming to all students. 


  •  2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I use equity as a lens for my leadership to ensure access and voice for staff and students.

Learning Experience


  • Define and develop context for equity in schools
  • Examine specific strategies educators can use to advocate for equity
  • Assess core components needs to build equity


  • Explore leadership traits needed to ensure equity
  • Analyze equity indicators in educational settings to assess current practice
  • Use scenarios to analyze sources and solutions to build equity


  • Select an area of practice to examine for equity
  • Synthesize new learning to build a plan for ensuring equity is used in future leadership practice