Building a Foundation for Literacy Success with Oral Language

Focus Area: Student-Centered Literacy


Phase: Targeted Support

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We know that young children learn by doing, by exploring the world around them and playing with hands-on activities. With this in mind, educators will explore why and how we can use oral language development to support reading and writing. Participants will have the opportunity to explore resources and strategies like discussion protocols, the use of oral rehearsal, language supports and writing strategies.  They will apply their learning when they develop a plan with colleagues to implement one strategy.


This workshop is designed for educators who teach early literacy skills (K-2 grade levels).


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone.


I leverage early learners’ oral language skills to support reading and writing development.

Learning Experience


  • Characteristics of primary learners to help ground and support teachers to develop a plan later in the session


  • Language domains with a focus on oral language
  • Strategies and resources that leverage oral language skills and support reading and writing practice


  • Synthesize learning from the choice board
  • Develop a plan of implementation based on a priority area of discussion protocols, oral rehearsal, language supports and writing strategies