Adopting New Technology Tools

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

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In a flexible instructional environment, technology tools can make or break both efficiency and depth of learning. As leaders grapple with which tools to prioritize, our coaches have developed some key benchmarks to consider in their approach. To roll out technology successfully, leaders should start with the why, then examine the capacity of stakeholders and the context within which they’ll adopt. In coaching or a Virtual Workshop, participants will:

  • Define the instructional purposes of technology
  • Explore the common obstacles and options for tech uptake
  • Build and get peer feedback on their plan for rolling out tech


This workshop is great for any coach, principal, or district administrator looking for a shared space to reflect on what has worked and what new best practices they can integrate into their technology leadership. You can ‘roll out tech’ at any point in the year! Even with a tool you have used for years. 


  • 2-hour virtual workshop on Zoom


I use defined strategies to adopt tech tools in a way that supports teacher and student learning.

Learning Experience


Develop an understanding of the categories of tech tools, and how we can leverage them to support deeper learning and more efficient systems.


Understand the benefit of selecting a more global tool for a school or district, and how we can build capacity of all stakeholders to use that tool in increasingly more sophisticated ways.


Promote participants to select and operationalize a tech tool of their choice to map some of the ideas discussed to their own realities.