Accelerating Learning for All Math Students

Focus Area: Student-Centered Math


Pathway: Understanding

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To address the learning gaps that may have resulted from the pandemic year, teachers will need to weave “just-in-time” supports into their instruction. This may require approaching math concepts as clusters of related ideas rather than a series of discrete standards, as well as leveraging the tools that worked best for coordinating synchronous and asynchronous learning during remote instruction. In coaching or a Virtual Workshop, participants will:  

  • Define effective approaches for accelerating math learning to give all students access to key grade-level concepts
  • Explore strategies for just-in-time supports, such as vertical mapping to identify foundational related skills, creating “acceleration stations” for the beginning of each new unit, and utilizing familiar tech tools for differentiated practice
  • Build plans for the supports that will prepare their students to engage with priority grade-level content


This workshop is designed for math teachers of all grade levels K-12, as well as educators in other roles that support math instruction. 


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone.


I implement “just-in-time” supports in order to accelerate student learning of grade-level math concepts.

Learning Experience


  • Effective approaches to accelerating math learning, including:
    • Prioritizing and streamlining grade-level content
    • Engaging students and families in naming learning goals
    • Integrating opportunities for “just-in-time,” differentiated supports to help students access the grade-level content and achieve their goals


  • Strategies for identifying and implementing “just-in-time” supports for students, including:
    • Identifying key prior skills and knowledge students need to access grade level content
    • Supporting students in reflecting on their own level of understanding
    • Creating unit-specific acceleration stations where students can review this background content
    • Leveraging favorite tech tools for students to engage with background or extension content


  • Plans for the supports that will prepare their students to engage with priority grade-level content