Math instruction is difficult… but what if we rethink how we teach it?

In our latest episode of Lessons Learned, we were joined by Kiddom to discuss innovative approaches to make math education more engaging, relatable, and enjoyable for both students and educators. Learn how to go beyond the traditional math pedagogy of rote memorization to foster a deeper understanding and aptitude for the subject.

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About our guests:

Ryan de la Garza, Instructional Designer, Mathematics, Kiddom

Ryan de la Garza is an educator with a passion for integrating technology into math education. Having taught math in grades 6-8, he consistently advocated for the use of technology to enhance student understanding. His expertise led him to the district-level role where he supported teachers in the development of best practices for both math education and technology integration. For the past six years, Ryan has been working on the development of digital curriculum and digital tools for K-12, focusing on innovative ways for students to engage with math. His work is dedicated to transforming how students experience and interact with mathematical concepts.

Romain Bertrand, Director of Solution Design, BetterLesson

Romain Bertrand is a personalized learning leader, blogger, consultant, coach, and practitioner. During his 20 years in education, he has led numerous education innovations including coaching and blended and personalized learning programs, supporting hundreds of teachers and in-school coaches across the US to use personalized learning as a tool for equity.

Veronica Freeman, Learning Architect, Mathematics, BetterLesson

Veronica Freeman is a seasoned educator with 17 years of experience in elementary and high school math, instructional coaching, professional development, and curriculum design. Her dedication to equitable mathematics education drives her to champion student-centered learning experiences that prioritize both rigor and joy in the pursuit of mathematical understanding.

Episode notes:

Resources related to this topic or discussed in the episode.

Books & Publications

  • Study: Principles for the Design of Mathematics Curricula: Promoting Language and Content Development
  • Book: 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions
  • Paper: Mathematical Routines
  • Book: Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You Had by Tracy Zager

Math Games & Teacher Resources

  • Teacher Strategies: Bring real-life examples into the classroom with these Master Teacher strategies by Shakiyya Bland, Ed.D.
  • Math Game: Yummy Math provides engaging online math games for all grade levels and topics.
  • Math Game: Would You Rather Math is an online game that helps with discourse and reasoning.
  • Math Tools: GeoGebra online math resources and tools for students and teachers.

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