episode 4 delivering high-quality instructional material (hqim) despite teacher shortages

January 17, 2024

Episode 4: Delivering HQIM Despite Teacher Shortages

In this episode of Lessons Learned, join Matt Kennard (BetterLesson CEO), Anna Edwards (Chief Advocacy Officer and Co-Founder, Whiteboard Advisors), and Jenna Keaney (BetterLesson SVP of Professional Learning) as they discuss:

  • The teacher shortage and legislation popping up around the country to help alleviate this problem,
  • How to ensure schools and districts are still delivering quality education to students despite staffing challenges,
  • What is the ideal path forward?

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

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Episode notes:

About our guest, Anna Edwards: For nearly two decades Anna has helped to architect change-making campaigns, and advised the leaders of the nation’s most impactful businesses and nonprofits on national policy and advocacy initiatives. A product of the Atlanta Public School system and honors graduate of Yale University, Anna is regarded as a trusted confidante and partner by both federal policymakers and state and local leaders alike on K-12, higher education, and workforce policy. A student of the policy and market dynamics that impact preK-postsecondary education, Anna is a frequent speaker and advisor to education donors and investors. She is also Whiteboard Advisors’ most frequent flyer, working with governors’ offices, state departments of education, higher education and workforce leaders, and school districts across the country. Anna currently serves as a Senior Advisor to New Markets Venture Partners and was the founding vice-chair of the national nonprofit MindSpark Learning, an initiative of the Morgridge Family Foundation. In Washington, DC, Anna has served as an advisor to the National Cherry Blossom Festival, where she co-chaired the festival’s primary fundraising event, and Jumpstart, an early childhood organization. Anna began her career working in CNN’s D.C. Bureau for National Correspondent Bob Franken and CNN Productions.

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