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June 13, 2024

Episode 12: Teacher Talk with Jaime Speed


What is some of the best teacher advice you’ve received? 

In this episode of Lessons Learned, BetterLesson Director of Solution Design Romain Bertrand sits down with Jaime Speed, an educator in Oregon with over 24 years experience. During their conversation they discuss blended learning, the Scottish Storyline method, and how sometimes, the best way to form relationships with your students is to just be yourself.

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Jaime Speed, MEd,  is an enthusiastic and committed teacher with 24 years experience.  She earned her BA from Portland State University and her Masters of Education from Eastern Oregon University.  Jaime is constantly driven to be innovative in her in-class instruction, as well as the professional development and coaching she provides to other professionals. Jaime worked with a team of three to turn a regular public education elementary school into a technology magnet school that has since become a level 5 on the Oregon State Report Card and has been given the distinction of being given the Apple Distinguished Program Award.   Jaime has also received the Apple Distinguished Educator Award along with other prestigious awards.  Jaime is passionate about connecting educators with their students by focusing on relationships, high expectations, and a lot of fun.

Discussed during the episode:

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