Oni's Equation Adventure- Day 12

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SWBAT solve real-world and mathematical problems leading to two linear equations in two variables.

Big Idea

Students create their own systems word problems then exchange with others and solve.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up assignment, I have created two word problems that generate a system of linear equations for students to solve. This builds on the previous days lessons and provides me essential feedback on levels of student understanding. As students work, I circulate through the room with my observation clip board making note of students who are struggling as well as those who are easily finishing the problems. I use this information for both grouping decisions as well as a factor for determining who needs to attend intervention sessions with me during Advisory class.

Once the timer sounds after 5 minutes, I call on separate volunteers by selecting name sticks. Each student contributes a piece of the solution (e.g., a student might supply an equation or a solution, but not both). Once we have determined the solution, I ask for a show of hands of students who have like answers. I then ask if anyone got a different solution. If so, I ask the student to model as we analyze the differences in the approaches. We then decide which solution is the correct one by substituting values back into the original equations.

After we come to consensus on the two problems, I move to today's learning objective.

Learning Objective

2 minutes

With today's Learning Objective, which students may record in their journals, I have included an example of a systems word problem. I want students to assist in solving this problem, so I ask students to recall the steps we took in the previous day's lessons. I then ask students to take 15 seconds to write the two equations that would help us solve the problem. After 15 seconds, I ask a volunteer to share and explain his/her equations.


Work Time, Part 1

16 minutes

For Work Time, Part 1, I want students to create at least 4 word problems involving systems of linear equations. I distribute 3 x 5 note cards so that students can record the word problem on the front and then the corresponding linear system and solution on the back. For students who need a jump start on ideas, I have provided suggested characters. I suggest that they create and solve their problems in their journals so that they have a draft before transferring their work to the note cards.

Work Time, Part 2

15 minutes

After the timer sounds after 16 minutes, I explain that students should now exchange one of their cards with another person, record the problem in their journal and solve for Work Time, Part 2. They should repeat this process four more times so that they complete at least five systems problems in their journals.

Ticket Out the Door

5 minutes

To help me get a better sense of which students can efficiently solve systems word problems, I give students one last problem as their Ticket Out the Door. The problem mimics the one that opened today's lesson, so my hope is that even students who are struggling to solve the systems will use their journal notes to assist them. As students work, I watch and take note of students who seem to struggle. As students leave, they turn in their card to me. I then analyze the student responses and create intervention groups based on student needs. I will target these groups the following day during a stations activity.