Quantum of Solids- Days 5 - 7

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SWBAT know the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

Big Idea

As a formative assessment for this unit, students will design and create a "Solids Pet" using cylinders, cones, spheres and other geometric solids. They will then calculate the volume of their pet and compare it to their estimation.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up question, I want to help students apply learning from the previous day's lesson so they can properly order the volumes of given cylinders based on their measurements. While some students will take the time to calculate the specific volumes of each, others may use what they learned about which measurements most affect volumes to make their decisions. As students complete the Warm Up, I will look for these students so I can ask them to share their thinking once the Work Time timer sounds after five minutes.

Learning Objective

1 minutes

After students share their thinking about the proper order of cylinders, I move quickly to today's Learning Objective. I want students to be clear that we will be using a variety of volume formulas today and that they may want to refer to their Volume Foldable created on Day 2 of the unit.

Solids Pet Project Overview

5 minutes

As a formative assessment of the Quantum of Solids unit, students will complete the Solids Pet Project. The project requires students to design, measure and calculate the volume of a three-dimensional "pet" that is made up of at least one sphere, cylinder and cone, along with other geometric cardboard solids. Hot glue and construction will also be provided for student use.

Once I give the Solids Pet Project instructions, I introduce the Solids Pet Project Rubric as well as the Group Contribution Rubric so students will be aware of how they will be assessed.

Work Time

30 minutes

Once students have heard the project instructions and I have answered any questions, I encourage them to break into groups of no more than three and begin the design process. I explain that they will not be able to begin building their pet until they have created their design and labeled it on their project sheet. This sheet will be turned in at the end of class each day.


Wrap Up

2 minutes

When there is two minutes left of class, I distribute plastic bags to each group which I have labeled. Students are instructed to put all items for their pet into the bag for safe keeping until the following day. I then collect the bags and slide them onto a broom handle. This helps keep the projects organized by class (each class has its own broom) and allows for easy distribution to groups the following day.