Quiz and Intro to Inverse Functions

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SWBAT demonstrate what they have learned about operations with algebraic expressions, solving rational equations, and modeling with rational functions.

Big Idea

Working with rational functions is just like working with fractions. Today's quiz will assess your ability to work with rational expressions and equations.


45 minutes

Students will take the first 45 minutes of class to complete Quiz Operations on Rational Expressions.  This quiz should be completed without a graphing calculator so that students practice factoring. See the reflection Using CAS Calculators in the Algebra 2 Classroom for a discussion of how I manage calculator usage in my class to optimize learning.  

Intro to Inverse Functions

30 minutes

As students submit their quiz, they work independently on Intro to Inverse Functions.  This is a worksheet that places inverse functions in the context of conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.  

Inverse Function Demonstration

15 minutes

After students have spent some time working on the Intro to Inverse Functions, I bring the class together for a whole group discussion about inverse functions.  I use the presentation Inverse Functions.ppt to provide my students with an overview of what inverse functions are all about.  I request that they do not take notes, but rather engage in the conversation that I hope the highly visual presentation will generate.  

I post the presentation on Edmodo, and promise to provide explicit notes on inverse functions in the next class period.