Evaluating Expressions

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SWBAT evaluate algebraic expressions using order of operations.

Big Idea

Students will review properties of numbers and expressions in preparation for our next unit.


10 minutes

Students will complete the Do Now in 3 minutes. Then, we will orally check the Do-Now responses as a whole group. 

Next, a student will read the objective to the class: SWBAT evaluate algebraic expressions using order of operations. I will then ask students to recall what they already know about the order of operations, and to describe why it is important in math. I will also ask students to define the word "evaluate" and to decide if evaluating is the same as solving.

Guided Notes + Practice

20 minutes

The purpose of today's class is to give students practice with the evaluation of variable expressions for a given value of the variable. This skill is crucial as we enter our next unit, solving linear equations.

During this section of the lesson, we work off of these Guided Notes together as a class. We will complete Problems 1-4 as a whole group. I will explicitly model the set-up and computational processes. My students will then work in pairs to complete the remaining problems. The class will complete this task in 15 minutes. 

I will then ask 8 volunteers to come to the board to present their responses on the board. 

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Students will continue to practice today's objective using this Kuta Software handout for the next 20 minutes. Every 5 minutes, I will ask stop the whole class and ask students to compare their paper with a neighbor. We will then review our responses as a whole group.

Small Group Activities

30 minutes

Since the purpose of today's class is to review and practice skills needed for our next unit, the last portion of class working with small groups of students. Using old informal assessments, I will pull selected students, in groups of 3, to review operations with fractions and decimals.

Students who are not working in a small group will complete the Integer Activity from our last class. By today, most students are on Part II or Part III of the activity, and will need computers to complete the entire assignment.