Adaptations and Environmental Change: An Assessment

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Students will be able to assess images and make claims with evidence regarding adaptations, traits, and environment.

Big Idea

Assessments are not always multiple choice! This session allows students to observe and make open ended claims, as long as they supply evidence.


5 minutes

"What do we know about biomes and adaptations?"   This is the question for today's session, which I place on the board.  I then ask the students to take out all of their graphic organizers and notes that were made over the past several days and share them with each other. 

This will help them prepare for our task. 

Mini Lesson

10 minutes

As a mini lesson, I will ask students questions, as a whole group, that will review terms and concepts from our last several lessons.  

Some of the questions will be: 

1.  What is an adaptation?

2.  Can you give an example of an adaptation for an animal or plant that survives in the forest?

3. What adaptation does a coyote have that allows it to live in the Tundra?



Active Engagement

25 minutes

After warming up with the students, I will pass out the quiz document and display the PowerPoint images on the board. 

As we move through the slides as a class, I will read the captions and pause long enough for students to write their responses.  In this case, if students have questions or need me to explain the slide in a different way, I am happy to oblige.  My goal is to assess their thinking about these deep concepts that may or may not have one right answer. 

This clip will review some of the reasons behind the question types and content. 


5 minutes

In order to close the lesson, I will ask students if there was any image or question that stumped them or made them wonder something.  In doing this, I will be giving my students one more opportunity to share or revise their understanding of the content. 

After collecting the quiz, I will mark the document according to our district scale. You will notice in the top right corner that I have placed a stamp.  Every teacher in the district uses one of these stamps on assessments and work used for growth data. The indicators on the stamp correlate with the indicators on the report cards.  There are times that I score each standard with this stamp, and other times, like this one, I score the whole assessment.