Literature: Harrison Bergeron and Text Based Answers (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT effectively collaborate and refer to evidence from text to plan a presentation of text based answers.

Big Idea

When students have to work together to evaluate their answers, their critical thinking deepens.

Student Work Time

20 minutes

Yesterday, I realized that students were having difficulty with the assignment.  The text dependent questions and answers are rigorous and students need additional support.  Students have 20 minutes to finish completing their HarrisonBergeronTextDependentQuestions with Standards PDF.pdf from yesterday's lesson.  While they are working, I will help students by walking around and offering support.  Many times, students simply need to be told where to look for additional evidence to support their answer.  

Collaborative Work Time

20 minutes

I will group students into groups of four-five.  I will group them and assure there is a mixture of abilities in each group.   I assign three text based questions/answers to each group.  For example, Group One will be responsible for answers two, three and four.  Group Two will be responsible for answers five, six and seven.  Once grouped, I tell students their final product will be a five minute presentation to the class teaching the class the correct answers to three of their text based answers.  During today's collaborative work time they have three objectives: 

I can collaboratively prepare my presentation by referring to evidence from the text (SL.9-10.1a)

I can pose questions that clarify or challenge the ideas of my peers (SL.9-10.1c)

I can respond thoughtfully to the diverse perspectives of my peers (SL.9-10.1d)

Students discuss their answers to each of their assigned questions and write a final answer that they will teach to the class during tomorrow's lesson.  


While students are working, I will walk around and spend time listening to each group.  I'm not going to intervene unless a group isn't making progress.  

Closure-Give me a plan

10 minutes

During the last ten minutes of class, I will call each group to the hallway individually.  Once the group is in the hallway, I will ask them to give me a two-minute preview of their lesson for tomorrow.  I will ask them questions like,

Which question did you find most difficult to answer?

How are each of you going to contribute to your presentation?

[individual student] how did you contribute to your work today?

What questions are you anticipating your classmates might have?


I have these conferences because I want students to practice discussing with an adult and I want them to have their ducks-in-a-row during the presentation tomorrow.  This video explains why I give adult behavior opportunities.