Graphing Linear Functions (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT graph linear functions on a coordinate plane using slope intercept form.

Big Idea

Students will apply their knowledge of linear growth to graph a line on a coordinate plane.


10 minutes

Students will complete a Do Now. While students are working, I will circulate around the room passing back the graded exit cards from our last class. After about 4 minutes, I will ask six students to come up to the front of the room to write their responses on the board. We quickly review the accuracy of each problem with a thumbs up/down for each.

Next a student volunteer will read today's lesson objective,  "SWBAT graph linear functions on a coordinate plane using slope intercept form".

I will ask students to turn to a neighbor and to discuss what they remember about graphing a line in slope intercept form. 


15 minutes

Before breaking apart into small groups, we will practice how to graph a line in slope intercept form using this handout. I will ask students to work with a neighbor to complete the top section of their paper, and to write the process of graphing a line in their own words. Next, I will ask students to come up to the front of the room to model their work for the class.

Students will then work with a partner to complete Page 2. First, pairs will decide if the line is graphed correctly or incorrectly. If the line is incorrect, students should write what is wrong with the line, and then correctly graph it on the coordinate plane. 

Small Group Activities

45 minutes

We will be working in three separate groups for the majority of today's class. Students will be sorted into homogeneous ability groups, depending on their level of mastery on the Exit Card from our previous class. Groups will rotate after fifteen minutes of working in each station.

Activity One (Teacher Led): Each student will have a whiteboard and marker. I will call out linear functions, and students will race to graph the line on their white board and show their board to me first. This will be an informal game, but I will not keep score. The goal of this activity is for me to see how students are graphing linear functions, and to provide instant feedback to them as they work. (The group that contains students with the most misconceptions will start at this activity first, and will receive 5-8 minutes of remediation first).

Activity Two (Student Led): Students will complete this practice handout. As students are working, they will switch papers with someone in their group every few minutes to check their responses with a partner. 

Activity Three (Computers): Students will sit in a pairs on computers to complete the following activities on the Khan Academy website.


10 minutes

I will ask a student to think about the carnival example that we used in class when learning function notation:

  • "If we refer to the pricing structure of the Ferris Wheel (3 dollars to get on, and 2 dollars for every spin), what are all of the ways that we could model this situation using what we have learned in class."

Next, I will ask 4 student volunteers to come up to the board to show each representation on the board (graph, table, ordered pairs, equation).

Students will then complete an Exit Card.