Writing Linear Functions (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT analyze the meaning of the slope and y-intercept in the context of a real world scenario.

Big Idea

Students will use input/output tables to analyze the different components of a linear function.


10 minutes

Students will complete today's Do Now While students are working, I will circulate around the room passing back the graded exit cards from our last class. After about 4 minutes, I will ask three students to deeply discuss their responses to the Do-Now aloud.  

Next a student volunteer will read today's lesson objective,  "SWBAT analyze the meaning of the slope and y-intercept in the context of a real world scenario."

We will review the old exit cards as a whole group before continuing our activity from yesterday. 

Small Group Practice

30 minutes

Today's lesson provides my students with an opportunity for either closure or extension of yesterday's lesson. The majority of my students did not finish working on the Problem Sets from our last class. Students who did finish will complete the khan academy linear equations checklist using Khan Academy.  The rest of the students who need to finish will be placed in small groups based on their level of understanding as shown on the exit card from the previous day. 

To get students started, we will slowly work through one problem together. Students will then continue working in groups on the problems, while I circulate around the room re-teaching and guiding students that need support. We will work in 5 minute cycles of working independently, working in groups, and reviewing responses for the next 30 minutes.

Group Task

30 minutes

Students who have demonstrated mastery of this concept will move forward and complete the Group Task with a partner. I will encourage students to write thorough and thoughtful responses using complete sentences and mathematical language. Pairs will work for about 20 minutes independently, then we will share our responses as a whole group.

Students who are still struggling with this concept will not complete the Group Task, but will complete the Khan Academy Videos and Activities as remediation. 


10 minutes

I will ask a student volunteer to summarize what we have learned about linear functions over the last two days. Students will then complete an Exit Card where they are asked to create their own linear function based on a scenario.