Risk Takers: Using Strength and Courage to Defeat Segregation During Little Rock 9

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SWBAT express the them or central idea of Little Rock 9 by exploring how the theme develops with the progression of text and its relation to supporting ideas.

Big Idea

#Be Different # Trend Setter # Risk Taker

Warm-Up: Gallery Walk of Photos

10 minutes

As students enter the room, they will notice the Little Rock Nine Photos  posted along the classroom walls. At this particular time, students should wonder why these images are posted for all to see. A note card is already placed on student desk to use for this activity. During this Classroom Video: Motivation, students respond to the following questions about each picture hung along the walls

1. What do you see?

2. What seems to be going on?

3. What time in history could this image refer to?

After students finish viewing each image, they will take the note card to their desks. Once students make a personal connection to the Little Rock Nine events in the next section of this lesson, they will begin to understand the meanings behind the words placed on their cards. 

Anticipatory Questions: Personal Connections to Discrimination

7 minutes

Before we begin to explore the events of Little Rock 9, students will answer the following questions in their notebooks

1. Could you ever imagine going to school with just girls? Just boys?

2. Could you ever imagine going to school with only people of your same race?

3. Have you ever been the first person to do something?

4. Have you ever had to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable even though you know it was the right thing to do?

During the Classroom Video: Connection to Prior Knowledge, students are working on these questions prior to volunteering to first share what they saw in the images and what they wrote for the anticipatory questions of the lesson. My hope is that students will begin to build knowledge from the questions and images of Little Rock Nine to infer the degree of segregation that occurred among races in this school.

Independent Practice: Differentiated Stations with Technology

25 minutes

Students will be handed a number from 1-4. Each number correlates to a supplementary text that can bridge students' understandings of Little Rock Nine. In the remaining time of class, students will use the iPad to access their particular resource. This resource can be in the form of a written (news paper articles) or visual (video) presentation.

Students with the number one will read newspaper articles about Little Rock Nine. Students with the number two will watch a video entitled, "Pro-Segregation Riots Draw Federal Troops." Students with the number three will watch a video entitled, " Little Rock 9 - An Interview with Marty Sammon." Students with the number four will watch a video entitled, "Book Trailer: Elizabeth and Hazel : Two Women of Little Rock."

As students work in this Classroom Video: Flexible Grouping on the iPads, they will create a Little Rock 9 Theme Sticker of the central idea or lesson that their resource teaches about Little Rock 9. Although each resource is presented in a different format, all themes that students create should have a unifying theme. 

Closure: Presenting my Theme

5 minutes

One person from each group will present their resource and what influenced the writing on their bumper sticker. This is the only time that all students will hear about the last activities done on the iPads. This Classroom Video: Coherence sums up what great behaviors were shown by students in today's lesson. What a great way to end class so that students can hear that no matter what source was used to teach more about Little Rock 9, the theme of the event remains the SAME.