Do you like baby bear?

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SWBAT write an opinion sentence in response to the story.

Big Idea

Do you like baby bear? Let's write a sentence about him.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today I will engage my students in a discussion about baby animals.  We will write what we think about the baby bear in the story.  We are just now learning to voice our opinions.  My students can write "I like ____ ."  I am laying the foundation for my students to understand how to voice their opinion and then later I will teach them how to defend/support their opinion.  Writing opinion papers is an important skill in the upper grades for  standardized assessments and writing assignments.  After our discussion about babies I will show a short video to further hook my student's interest in the lesson.

I begin my lesson with my students seated on the carpet. 

"I saw some cute babies in the cafeteria this morning.  Babies are so cute and little.  I know that many of you have babies at your house.  Let's use the T Chart to see how many of you do have babies at home.  One side of the chart says YES, the other side says NO.  When it is your turn, take a sticky note with your name on it and put it on the chart.  Remember to put your name on the YES side if you do have a baby at house or put your name on the NO side if you do not have a baby at your house."

I call my students up one row at a time to place their names on the T-chart. 

"Let's count how many students have babies and how many do not have babies. Wow, that is a lot of babies.  People are not the only ones to have babies.  What else can have babies?  Yes, Animals have babies too.  Because our book today is about baby bears, let's watch a little video about baby bears and how they like to play together."

Those baby bears play together just like you do out on the playground.  Now let's read the story and find out about the little bear and the new baby.



Reading the story

10 minutes

"I am going to read a book called; Are You There Baby Bear?  What do you think the book is going to be about?  Yes, a baby bear.  That was good predicting what the book was about.  Predicting something is giving a smart guess.  In this story baby bear is looking all over to find his new baby.  He thinks the new baby is lost and he goes looking for him.  Let's read the story and predict if what he finds is really his new baby."

I begin reading the story and we discuss how the baby bear wanted to find his new baby.  The little bear leaves the cave to look for the baby.  I stop on each page and we find what little bear thinks is his new baby.  

"Here baby bear sees an animal, is it his new baby?  What do you predict?  Noooo, it is not his new baby it is a    .  Baby bear keeps looking for his new baby."

"Baby bear sees another animal hiding in the    .  Is that his new baby?  What do you predict?  Nooo, that is not his new baby it is a  .  Baby bear will keep looking for his new baby."

We keep reading and predicting what baby will find.

"Oh no, baby bear is too tired to keep looking for his new baby bear.  Who do you think is walking up to him?  Yay, it is his Dad.  He dad will take him home."

"What did his mom say?  That the new baby is in the den?  Is it a boy or a girl?  Let's see."

"It is a boy and a girl.  How exciting for baby bear.  He will have fun playing with two babies." 

Writing activity

20 minutes

"When we write an opinion paper we telling people that we like something or we do not like something.  After listening to the story I want you to think about baby bear and what you like about him.  We need to also write why we like or do not like something.  I want you to use the sentence frames;

I ____ baby bear.  (like/do not like)

He is ___. (cute/little/silly)

When you write on the first line you need to write like or do not like.  What could we write on the second line?  Let's do a quick bubble map about baby bear.  What can we say about him?  What is he?"

I draw a quick bubble map for the adjectives.  They come up with cute, little and silly for the adjectives.

"Let me model the sentences."

I model the writing under the document camera.

"I am going to write; I like baby bear.  Then I am going to write; He is little.  Now I want all of you to write these two sentences that tell your opinion about baby bear."

"Would the girls tip toe to your tables?  Now will the boys tip toe to your tables?  Will may class helpers pass out the writing paper to every seat?  Thank you for sitting so quickly and quietly." 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

I gather my students on the carpet for our oral presentations.  I call each student up to the front where I am sitting and I help them read their sentences.  We applaud and cheer after each reading.  It is important for my students to gain confidence in their reading and speaking abilities to read their writing in front of the class.  

I like baby bear

baby bear