Tissue Box - Characterization

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of characterization by presenting themselves using a visual display focusing upon four characterization techniques.

Big Idea

Let Me Introduce Myself!

Characterization Techniques

10 minutes

One of students’ required supplies for class is a box of tissues.  I took this opportunity to expand upon this simple supply to introduce Characterization Techniques.

As a class we discussed ways in which we find out about characters in a book. (1) The author could specifically tell us about his/her physical attributes (2)  the actions and speech of character allows us to make inferences (3)  what other characters say about the character allow us to interpret the character’s personality (4) our evaluation of how the character interacts with other characters contributes to our understanding of the character.

I explained that although we are speaking about characters in novels, we make the same type of inferences in real life, and that making a Tissue Character Box is one way that each of us will present and introduce ourselves to classmates.

Creating Tissue Box Introduction

30 minutes

Students brought a box of tissues to class.  I provided specific directions and materials such as paper, markers, glue sticks, scissors, magazines.

Before students began working, I presented my own Tissue Character Box. (hyperlink picture) I explained that on the top, I wrote my name and chose a quote or saying that has influenced my life.  On each of the sides, I presented information about myself dealing with characterization techniques:

                Things I say about the type of person that I am.

                Things that others say about me that explain my personality

                Actions that I do that contribute to the person I am

                Types of relationships I have with others – caring, family, friends, professional.


Students then began to work on the creation of these boxes.


30 minutes

After all the boxes were completed, I provided some time for students to practice in their small groups to practice presenting their boxes – about 10 minutes.  Then students began presenting to the class as a means to introduce themselves and getting to know each other.