Unit Three Essential Question Map .notebook - Section 4: Completion of Biography Unit

  Unit Three Essential Question Map .notebook
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Biography Research: Group Presentation Day! (Day 11 of 11)

Unit 3: Creative, Inventive, and Notable People of the Turn-of-the-Century
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT collaboratively present a digital slide show about a biographical subject, speaking clearly and understandably. SWBAT follow rules for speaking and listening. SWBAT ask and answer appropriate questions about biography presentations.

Big Idea: The students have worked very hard over the last two weeks to read, research, take notes, and create amazing Google presentations! They'll practice their speaking and listening skills during presentations today to complete this biography unit.

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English / Language Arts, Research Writing and Practices, research and development, research, biography, third grade, presentation, speaking, listening, digital presentation, google, slide show, Group Presentation
  50 minutes
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