Review of Polynomial Theorems and Graphs

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SWBAT begin pulling together everything they have learned so far about polynomial theorems polynomial graphs and imaginary numbers in preparation for tomorrow's unit test.

Big Idea

Getting ready for a summative test on polynomial theorems and graphs means doing lots of problems and asking questions when you get stuck.

Warm-Up and Priority Setting

15 minutes

We synthesize the major concepts of the unit by completing the Polynomial Theorems and Graphs Unit Checklist.  This checklist has a set of "I can" statements that students use to assess their understanding of the concepts and skills presented in the unit. Students rate each item on the list according to the following scale:

A = I understand this so well that I could teach it to someone else.

B = I get this but I should review a bit            

C = I don’t get this – I better study my notes and/or get help

D = I don’t remember anything about this

There is a space on the unit checklist for students to write down where they can find practice on any item they need to study. 

Review Workshop

40 minutes

The Review for Unit Test on Polynomial Theorems and Graphs is a collection of exercises from this unit. Students work in table groups to complete these exercises or something else that they have identified as a priority on their checklist.  As students review for the test, I make the answer key available at my desk for anyone who wants to check their work.  As they review I circulate and answer questions that come up. 


EXTRA HELP: I put together a set of video resources, Blendspace Review: Polynomial Functions and Theorems, that students can use if they need remediation on a particular skill.  This is especially useful for students that may have had absences during the unit.  I discuss my rationale for providing this resource in the video Blendspace for Review.

Final Questions and Assignment

20 minutes

Students complete the Review for Unit Test on Polynomial Theorems and Graphs as needed for homework.  I remind students that the answers to the homework will be available on Edmodo and that they should check their answers online in preparation for the following day's unit exam