Unit Review: Math in 3D

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SWBAT review the important concepts of this unit.

Big Idea

Get students ready for the unit assessment by recapping what we learned.


15 minutes

The purpose of today is to get students ready for the unit assessment that covers all of the three-dimensional topics that we studied. Before students start working on this review, I want to go through question #1a together. I like this question a lot because there are two distinct ways to solve it and both are great reviews of the concepts we learned in this unit.

I give students 5-10 minutes to work on this in their table groups. Before they begin I let them know that I would love it if they could solve the problem in two different ways. I go around as students are working and note if they are using the side lengths (finding each side length and testing it in the Pythagorean Theorem) or using the angle measures (finding the vectors that represent each side length and finding the angle between them) to decide if the triangle is a right triangle or not.

Ideally, I will see both strategies being used. If so, I will choose one student who used each strategy to share their work with the class. If I only see one strategy, I will ask a few questions to guide them to use the missing method.


35 minutes

After going through this first question, students will have the rest of the class to finish up the rest of the review. In the video below I discuss some of the problems and highlight some things to look out for.

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