Google Drive 101

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SWBAT create a folder to be shared with the teacher, identify the different folders in their drive, move and create copies of documents.

Big Idea

In my paperless classroom, Google Drive is our main source of communication, information and feedback for students.


5 minutes

Because yesterday's lesson challenged students to login to their Google Drive accounts, I challenge them in the first 5 minutes of class to login on their own.  They can refer to the login steps from the day prior should they need a reference. 

Students spend the time logging into their accounts.  I also give them the remaining time, should they successfully login, to explore the folders, and the other options Google Drive has available (apps, folders, etc.)

Note: This time is really meant to be used as a practice for students to login to their accounts successfully.  This also gives me time to refresh minds of those who are not strong in the process or those who were absent for day 1 of the Drive lessons.  Kids who are strong can help others. I tend to encourage this as it develops students as (semi) independent learners.  


15 minutes

After students have all successfully logged in to their Google Drive accounts, I pass out the attached handout for their reference.  On it is a clear procedure for moving their SCI folders into their drive, creating a new folder, making copies of documents and sending completed documents to their teacher.  Students can choose to follow along as a class as I move through the process or can choose to follow the procedure on their own and at their own determined pace.

Note: Some kids will move through this process strictly by following the written procedure.  Some will need a lot of assistance as it is many steps.  I keep the document posted on the whiteboard, and move through the process myself as if I were a student.  They can follow me, step-by-step, or move at a faster pace on their own.  I encourage them to stay with me so as not to miss any valuable information.  


20 minutes

After students have shared their completed assignment folder with me, they practice their new skills by completing their first digital assignment.  This assignment is a writing exercise that kids them thinking about science and scientists.  It's called What is a Scientist? In the assignment, kids describe what a scientist looks like and the type of work they might do.  They are encouraged to use proper grammar, spelling and complete sentences. 

With about 5 minutes remaining in the class, I ask students to share some of their narratives aloud to the whole class. If they choose to share, I pull their assignment on the whiteboard by accessing it through their shared folder on my Google Drive. 

Note: This assignment is used to give students a second opportunity to find an assignment, copy the assignment, complete the assignment, and share the assignment all using Google Drive.  It is also a chance for me to gain insight into what they think science and scientists are all about.  Often kids have no idea what scientists might do and you will have to give them some guidance. (What about zookeepers? Doctors? Pharmacists? Meteorologists? Science teachers?)  This assignment also provides me with a chance to help those kids who are struggling with the new technology.  I may pair them up with a student who I feel is rather strong in the process or make sure to check in periodically. It also works to address the CCSS 6.1a and d, which encourage students to make a claim and support it with evidence either from a text or from personal experiences.