Five Little Penguins

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With prompting and support the SWBAT write sentences using nouns and verbs to describe the penguins in the story.

Big Idea

Let's write about the penguins in the story.

Warm Up

10 minutes

 Because it is winter, I chose a winter themed story, Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice.  My students love penguins and talk about the movies they have seen about them.  I thought the story would interest them and add fun to the lesson.  It is important for my students to learn the parts of grammar and to use correct sentence structure.  In kindergarten we use very basic grammar structure.  Today's lesson was based on the standard of using frequently used nouns and verbs.  Our noun will be the penguins from the story and they could choose to use any verb off the bubble map.   I want them to become proficient in producing correct sentences while it is fun and easy.  In the upper grades writing and speaking will be easier for them if they become proficient at this level.

I begin my lesson with my students sitting on the carpet for science and writing block.

"It is winter time.  There are many animals that we think of because of the winter.  There is the polar bear, the snow fox, and a bird that is black and white, doesn't fly.  Can you guess what is it?  A penguin.  You are right.  Penguins are so cute and fun to watch. Do you know what they do on the ice and snow?  

Reading the Story

10 minutes

I read the story and have my students hold up the number of fingers that represent the number on each page.  We discuss the details of each picture and decide what verb is happening.  We check to see if each verb is on our bubble map.  If it is not on our map, I add it.

At the end of the story we have counted down from five, and there are no more penguins on the ice.

Let's make a bubble map about the verbs or action words that we see penguins do.

I start the bubble map.  I use my name sticks to choose students to tell me a verb or action the penguin does in the snow.  I turn to each page to prompt my students to remember what actions the penguins performed. I write down all the verbs from the story and a few my students come up with.  We chant the words in the bubbles.

I love using Thinking Maps.  The Bubble Map is an easy way for my students to organize their thoughts and ideas.  I like to leave it up on the board for a visual reference during the writing activity. 




Writing Activity

10 minutes

"Today we are going to write about the penguins.  We will be using a sentence frame so you can choose the number of penguins you want to have in your picture, then you will to choose a verb. So your sentence will tell how many penguins you have and what your penguins are doing?  I model the writing process on the document camera.  The sentence frame is" ____ penguins are _____ on the ice."  

It is important for my students to have whole group discussion, use templates and see the writing process modeled.  Modeling the process helps my students know exactly what the expectations are for this activity.  

"The number goes in the first space and the verb goes in the next space.  After you write your sentence, you get to draw your picture.  If you wrote about three penguins, how many penguins need to be in your picture?  Three, that's right.  Let's get to work."

I have my class paper passers pass out the writing papers while I dismiss my students from the carpet to their tables.

"Paper passers please pass out the writing papers.  Boys, please walk carefully to get your pencil boxes.  Girls, please walk carefully to get your pencil boxes.  Begin your sentences with a number.  I will walk around and help you if you need help.  If you can sound out your words, that would be awesome!"

When students are finished writing they sit quietly on the carpet reading library books until the others have finished.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

When all my students are finished writing their sentences and drawing their pictures, we clean up the library books and sit on the carpet.  Even though I like to have each student read independently, I call students up as a small group or by row.  Standing in a line facing the class give my students the opportunity to read with the support of their peers.  Peers give reading help as well as moral support.  My shy students are more willing to read out load to the whole class when they have peer support.  We cheer and applaud after each reading.

oral presentation #1

oral presentation #2

student work

For Fun

10 minutes

I like to show videos to my students for several reasons.  The first reason is to introduce my lesson topic and to front load any vocabulary or content concepts.  The second is to review the content concepts and vocabulary.  Today I will be showing the reading of the story at the end of the day for review.  I like to show a video when all my students are packed up and ready for dismissal.  Here is the video for this story.