Speaking and Listening: Students Become The Teacher

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SWBAT present information clearly and logically such that listeners can follow the line of information by team teaching the class.

Big Idea

When students become the teacher, proficiency is evident.

Preparation for Presentations

10 minutes

In yesterday's lesson, students analyzed "Harrison Bergeron" and answered text dependent questions. Today, they are presenting those answers to the class.  For there to be enough time for all presenters, we must jump right in.  Before we present, I want students to decide on some classroom norms for presenters and listeners (SL.9-10.1b).  I explain to students we must decide on norms and they come up with the "rules" for both presenters and listeners.  I have always used this rubric from NC State.  It works well and assesses students ability to present information and evidence clearly and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning (SL.9-10.4)  I'm not going to give students a grade in the grade book for today's presentation.  This explanation of why I don't give a grade book grade for this presentation video explains this further.  Rather, I am going to have students assess each other.  I give each student 5 rubrics, one for each group.  The label them group 1, group 2, etc.  I tell students their job is to take notes and assess their peers.  I will collect the rubrics and will eventually give them to the groups so they can review them.  


35 minutes

Each group will have 5-8 minutes to present their three questions and text based answers from their HarrisonBergeronTextDependentQuestions with Standards PDF "Harrison Bergeron" assignment.  As students present, I sit out in the audience. I don't sit at my desk because I don't want them to feel like I am judging.  Rather, I want the purpose of me listening to be to gain information.  

Each group will utilize digital media and share their written answers with the group via the google doc (SL.9-10.5).  

Students will be assessing each group on the rubric.  



5 minutes

To end class, I distribute one more copy of the rubric to each student and ask them to assess themselves, evaluating their reasoning (SL.9-10.3).  I will collect all assignments and rubrics before students leave.