Review exponential and logarithmic functions

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SWBAT analyze graphs, simplify expressions, evaluate, solve equations and problems using logarithms and exponential functions

Big Idea

Through a scavenger hunt students will review important concepts from the unit.

Scavenger Hunt Review

35 minutes

Students will do a Scavenger Hunt for review during today's lesson. This is an activity that many have done in prior classes, so it needs little introduction. In order to give students as much time to work as possible, I have skipped Bell Work for today. When they arrive, I ask students to pick a partner to work together and to gather their notes. I also suggest that each pair grab a white board on which to work. 

To prepare for the activity, I copy Exponential logarithm Review. This review has 12 questions for students to solve. I post the questions around the room. Students receive Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet to record their answers. I use the answer sheet for accountability.

I have the correct order of the problems on the last page of Exponential logarithm Review

If a group returns to the beginning problem before doing all the problems, the group knows they have an error. Groups will go back and review their results. If a student struggled to determine which problem is wrong, I will look at the answer sheet and tell them which problem needs to be fixed.


5 minutes

When class is almost over I bring the class together. I ask students to get out the Unit Homework sheet. We look over the objectives. I also remind students determine the concepts they feel need more practice and do more practice.

The final reminder I give students is that they will not need to remember all the formulas from the application work. I will give formulas and explanations on the test.