Writing to Sources-Zlateh's Goat

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SWBAT write an argument to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

Big Idea

Should father keep Zlateh? Students write a persuasive speech that Aaron give to urge his father to keep Zlateh.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

To help the students begin generating ideas for writing, I will ask them to review the steps for arguing.  I will have them answer the following questions in their spirals.  

"How do you develop an argument?"  

"What are the steps you should take when writing an argument?"  


I will have the students take a few minutes to reflect and answer the questions in their spiral.  Then, have the students share their responses with their group in a Round Robin.  


20 minutes

We have worked on argumentative writing, but I still think they could use a refresher.  Using the advanced organizer as a starting point, we can begin our review with their notes.  

I want the students to understand and review how to construct an argument.  I will give them an easy topic to practice with and then we can work together to collect our arguments and construct our claims. 

I will ask the students to build an argument as to why we should have IPADS in school.  I know this topic is hot right now and they will really engage.  This will allow them to easily focus on the process of writing an argument and not get stuck on ideas.  

I will have the students work in their groups for about 10 minutes to gather their "claims" and prepare their arguments.  We will share out our group responses with a Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up 


Independent Practice

25 minutes

Now that we have practiced writing an argument, I am going to have the students work on their own to build their own argument for the story we have been working with, "Zlateh's Goat".  

I will pass out the Writing to Sources guidelines and go through the steps with the students.  I want to make sure the students are clear about the expectations before we begin.  Writing days are often very stressful, so i want to make sure I have set them up for success.  

Once I pass out the guidelines and go through the expectations, I will have the students start working on their rough drafts.  

As they are working, I will circulate through the room and provide assistance, conference, and guide as needed.  


5 minutes

To quickly close today's lesson, I am going to do a verbal closure.  We have spent the entire time writing, so I thought it would be a nice break! 

I will have the students review with their Face Partners, the arguments they developed for their piece.  I will give them about 4 minutes each.  

If time allows, I will ask the partner to share one thing they remember from their partner's argument.