Singular or Plural

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SWBAT use correct subject-verb agreement in a sentence.

Big Idea

This lesson allows the students to learn about singular and plural nouns and how they are used with different verbs in a sentence.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection and Introduction

The Common Core Standard L.1.1.c states that the students will use singular and plural nouns in sentences with matching verbs.  Students will do this in writing and speaking.  This lesson allows students to write and tell the class sentences using the correct verb tense.

Lesson Overview

Students are in heterogeneous groups (peanut butter jelly partners) of two or three in the lounge area for the beginning of the lesson.  They move (transitions) to their seats for partner work.  The class returns to the lounge for student reflections and the closure.


I like beginning lessons with a video. Before we watch the video I tell my students that we will learn about singular and plural nouns today and how to match them to the correct verb.  They echo, tell a friend, and repeat it with me.  This strategy develops ownership of the lesson objective and repetition develops memory.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

I make a singular plural t-chart and list "singular" and "plural" at the top.  The students discuss singular nouns and volunteers tell me what words to place on the chart.  Next, the students discuss plural nouns and I write those in the plural column.  Last, they discuss sentences that they could create and two volunteers orally share their sentence.  I write both students sentences on the chart.

Allowing the students to discuss possibilities during the lesson promotes collaboration and makes the lesson more meaningful to them.  In teaching to Common Core, I want to promote students learning from each other (not just me) and building upon what their peers know or say.

Partner Work

20 minutes

Students select a noun and it's plural match that are already on a piece of paper: model.  They are to use the plural word in a sentence and create an illustration to show their understanding.  After about ten minutes they share their work with their peer.  Then they finish their work: student work.  Allowing the peer review half way through the work gives them some feedback and time to make changes.

Student Reflection

5 minutes

I like to end my lessons by meeting in the lounge area and allowing a few students to practice their speaking and listening skills.  Depending on time I allow two or three students to read their sentences and show the class their illustration (presentation).  When the students know they will be allowed to share their work they work extra hard to make it look great.  Sharing also promotes engagement.


5 minutes

I close the lesson by asking the students to discuss what they learned today.  Then I ask one or two students to share.  I explain that we will continue using singular and plural nouns in sentences and matching the correct verb tense to the noun.  Last, we chant the lesson goal.  I can use singular and plural nouns in a sentence with matching verb ending.