Using evidences of P.B.I.S. to govern behaviors in the lunchroom

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SWBAT learn and articulate school-wide expectations in the cafeteria.

Big Idea

Ready to Eat! Then Cite these Expectations at your Seat!

Warm-Up: Quick Write

10 minutes

As the classroom fills with excitement from students seeing one another for the first time since June, its time for school-wide expectations to be established before the noise turns into forgetfulness. With the high energy in the building from the start of another school year, no teaching would be more appropriate than how students should act during the most social time of the school day: LUNCH! With no assigned seats given and writing utensils in hands, students will respond to the following prompt on the white board

 Using sensory details, describe your favorite lunchroom experience from 7th grade.

It is an administrative decision to start school off with behavioral expectations that will govern safety both inside and outside the classroom. While I will be teaching serious information, why not share in a laugh of two with students sharing their best experience in the lunchroom. Student paragraph(s) will be shared to lighten the mood prior to real learning taking place on PBIS Expectations in the cafeteria. 

Video Interaction with Cafeteria Expectations

10 minutes

There is no place in this school that doesn't have any RULES! YIKES!!! Because of this, I help students identify the rules of the cafeteria by showing an interactive video that provides both photos and notes of the new and past rules of the cafeteria. As students watch the clip, I pass out a PBIS Cafeteria Notes handout for students to take guided notes. At this time, some students may opt to take the notes while others may be distracted by the monotone voice and quick pace of the video. However, time will be given in the rest of the class where students can work collaboratively to take notes on what is heard and viewed in the video.

Independent Practice: Guided Notes

20 minutes

Why is teaching rules so important on the first day of school? It is true that students are still in summer mode as they enter the school building on the first day of instruction. To maintain order and safety, repeating the rules of the cafe will keep administrators and other teachers stress-free during lunch duty each day. Students will work in pairs to fill in the notes from the video. Since I LOVE self-learning from students, I allow them to work on filling in the blanks from the video. After a period of time, students will share responses aloud. As answers are revealed, a PBIS Cafeteria and Restrooms ppt will be shown to visibly project the correct answers for the handout.

Closure: Exit Ticket

7 minutes

This short reflection will allow students to respond to the following question

 In your opinion, what is the most important rule for the cafeteria? Support your response with 3 cited evidences from your notes.

Here students are asked about the single most important rule for the cafeteria according to PBIS expectations. After all of this talk with cafeteria rules, it is amazing how many students break them on their first visit to the lunchroom. Ending this lesson with a reflection allows my students to begin using evidences from different mediums to support their opinion on how students should mainly act at all times in the school cafeteria. If you want to see an example from a student, click on student response to cafeteria now!