Position Words with the Chameleon

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SWBAT listen to instructions and color the picture based on the preposition given. Student Objective: I can color the chameleon by listening to the directions given by the teacher.

Big Idea

Students listen to explicit directions to correctly color chameleon pictures.


10 minutes

Today's hook is designed to review positional words before the children do the listening page that goes with today's story.  It is important for the understanding of the story and the assignment for the children to practice these moves.

Children, come to the rug and play a little game with me.  We are going to play a listening game that is a little like "Simon Says".  I am going to ask you to do something with your hand and then watch to see how well you are listening.  Check to see if you are in your spot, and if you have enough room so that you will not bump anyone. Ready?  Here we go!

Put your hand over your head.  Put your hand under your other arm.  Put your hand next to your leg.  Put your hand behind your back.  Put you hand in front of your stomach.  Put your hand on your toes.

Terrific!  Please have a seat and get into your good listening positions.



20 minutes

I think you are ready to hear a story by our Author of the Month, Eric Carle.  It is called The-Mixed-Up-Chameleon.  This chameleon is not happy with who he is and so he wants to change.  If you hear any of the position words that we just practiced, save them in your brain, okay?

(Read the story, emphasizing any position words that you come across.)

So what did you think about this story?  The chameleon was very silly, wasn't he?  Did you hear any of the position words that we talked about? (in, out, under, etc.)

I will be giving each of you a paper with chameleons all over it.  Your job is to listen carefully to my directions, a little like we did when we played the "Simon Says" game.  I will be asking you to pick up a particular color of crayon, and then coloring the chameleon that corresponds to the directions I give to you. 

When you have your paper, go to your seat and take out your red crayon.  "Put your red crayon in the air, in the air.  Put your red crayon in the air, in the air.  Put your red crayon in the air; don't put it in your hair!  Put your red crayon in the air, in the air."  (I sing this little song each time we switch colors.  It gives children that are lagging behind a chance to get ready and engages the children that are ready.)

Please color the chameleon that is inside the tree, red.  (The directions come with the worksheet--WORKSHEET RESOURCE:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/FreeDownload/Eric-Carle-Unit-FREEBIE-958461)

Chameleon video


5 minutes

When the children are finished coloring, it becomes time to check the work.  I have the children check their work by listening again to the prompts and then indicating with a thumbs up or down, if they've colored in the correct picture.