A Trip Through Time (Word Problems, Including Rounding)

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SWBAT use the four operations and rounding to solve word problems related to geologic time and sediment depositions at Capitol Reef National Park.

Big Idea

A high interest topic can help make large numbers seem less intimidating.

Visual Field Trip

60 minutes

This is an interdisciplinary, whole group enrichment lesson in which students are rounding to the closest ten thousand and the closest hundred thousand.  I use open number lines as a tool for rounding to the closest ten and hundred thousand.  

The very specific geology content in this lesson is taught with the goal of improving reading and writing skills related to expository text.  My tertiary goal in this lesson is to provide students with a look at how understanding science enables one to see stories in the landscape around them!

This is the powerpoint, A Trip Through Time Sandstone, and this is the accompanying student page.

Here is a  Mini Video on  Rounding to Closest Thousand.

Here are some examples of student work. This example is one in which the student used the  study guide

Exit Ticket

5 minutes

For the exit ticket, I asked students to write down one thing they learned today that they would be able to share with someone at home.

Here is a great example of why measuring individual student progress is so important.

Additional Resource

3 minutes

This STEMbite:  The Science of Sand Dunes is a great, short video that gives some information about how the size of particles in sand dunes affect its movement and slope.  2 minutes long and well worth it!  I actually use this at the start of the day, when the students are coming in and settling.  I tell them that they are watching a short video clip about sand dunes because we will be talking about sand dunes in math today.  I love their reactions when they first see the photographs of the dramatic rock cliffs and it's wonderful when a few of them realize that the rock may in fact be, basically, petrified sand!