Trig Millionaire Game

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SWBAT apply their trigonometry knowledge to be the top scoring team.

Big Idea

Students review past trigonometry concepts such as angle rotations, reference angles, unit circle applications, and evaluating trig functions.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Trig Style)

50 minutes

Today’s class period is all about students having some fun while reviewing trig knowledge and maybe even learning something new. Students will compete in teams of 3 to be the highest scoring team and become the winners of Millionaire. I offered an incentive of highest scoring team receiving a 3% boost on their next test and candy. And the second highest team receiving just candy. This was a very engaging activity for my students. They even asked if we could play again tomorrow!

Here is the game in the format it was intended to be played in:

Millionaire Trig Game

Here is the pdf version if you just want to preview the game/questions:

Millionaire Trig Game


Game Play:

  1. Each team answers every question.
  2. Students connect to clickers (one clicker per a team) and text in their answers. I like to assign each team a number and then have the teams log in by numbers. It makes score keeping easier!
  3. I time every question (countdown will begin once you hit the play button to send out the questions to the clickers) and I did not accept answers from teams that were too slow.
  4. Every 5th question is a “fastest finger question.” There is no time limit on these, per se. The three teams with the quickest time and correct answers get the money.
  5. For most questions I allowed students to use their notes or any other resources available. For some questions I do ask students to put away their unit circles. This is noted on the slide before.  


Tonight students should complete Homework 10- Trigonometric Functions.