Using Technology to Produce and Publish Ideas about a Dystopian Society

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SWBAT use technology and multimedia to communicate information and ideas in a presentation about their dystopian society.

Big Idea

Using Social Problem and a Controlled Mechanism to Create a Futuristic Society

Bellringer: Preparing for Presentations

10 minutes

This lesson continues from our work done in the Utopia vs. Dystopia: Comparing Differences through Project Base Learning lesson. Before students are ready to present, time is given for them to get in groups to gather learning products for their presentation. In the last few minutes, I will review the grading rubric prior to presentations starting.


40 minutes

Groups will be selected to present their projects. While groups are presenting, I will be using the rubric to grade each group's presentation. Many groups will choose to finalize some aspects of their project while groups are standing in front of the room presenting.

The background noise you hear is students preparing for their presentations while I sit and grade at my desk. Hopefully the background noise won't be a distraction to each group presentation 1 , 2 , and 3 heard at this time in the lesson.