Utopia vs. Dystopia: Comparing Differences through Project Based Learning

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SWBAT compare and contrast the similarities and differences in a utopian and dystopian society and use specific inferences to create a dystopian society.

Big Idea

This land is Your land. This land Is My land: Using evidence from prior knowledge to create My own controlled society.


5 minutes

Have you ever wanted to control the type of environment you live in? To begin having this say begins with students responding to the following prompt on the whiteboard:

If you could live in a society, would you rather it be a utopia or dystopia? Why? What are the advantages of living in your society?

Guided Practice: It's Note Time!

12 minutes

To understand the similarities and differences between a Utopian and Dystopian society, students will complete a venn diagram. I am having students use their prior knowledge to complete the Venn Diagram. However, notes could also be taken from this link if students are just being introduced to these types of societies. 

Independent Practice: Building My Society

30 minutes

For the remaining time in class, students will work in groups on the Building Your Own Dystopia Project handout. I read over the guidelines and project expectations before students are left to brainstorm and talk about a social problem and control mechanism for their society. Afterwards, students select and complete the artifacts (12 or 3) that will be used in the presentation of their society.