No Surprises Testing

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of analyzing and interpreting functions by successful completion of the unit assessment.

Big Idea

Students know what to expect for this assessment and should be ready and able to show how much they understand.


5 minutes

I have written a traditional assessment with short-answer problems and application problems similar to the work done in the unit, the review and the self-assessment, hence the title "no-surprises testing".  I like to give students this kind of familiar format.......and then they know what to expect.  As always I remind them that they need to show their work even if they're using a calculator and to write legibly.


45 minutes

I distribute the Assessment, ask if there are any questions and tell my students they have until the end of class to complete the test. (MP1, MP2) As they work I walk around offering encouragement and redirecting as necessary.  In spite of all the time and effort spent preparing for this assessment, there will still be a few students who feel "surprised", an issue I address in my video.

As students finish I encourage them to use the remaining time to check their work and make sure they answered every question as completely as possible.