Revision Strategy: Replacing

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SWBAT: create meaning and effect by using the strategy of replacing when they revise.

Big Idea

By going back to an anchor text and practicing revising, students apply the replacement strategy before they apply it on their own writing.


50 minutes

This lesson is the second of a series in teaching my students how to revise. I've said it before, but I think that 6th graders need specific strategies before they can revise. For this lesson from SpringBoard, students use the Applying Revision Strategies: Replacing activity from their books to revise the same passage they revised for the strategy of "Adding." 

Students read the passage, circle words they could replace with better ones, then replace. They also go back to the sample student text and circle three words to replace, and use their resources (a thesaurus, a friend, or the omnipotent teacher) to select two replacement words for each.

During this time, I circulate and make sure they are choosing better words than already exist in the text. Sometimes the words they choose aren't even viable replacements, so it's important to have instructional support at this time.

When individual students are ready to be released, they can apply this strategy to the text they are working to revise.